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Residential & Commercial

Offering both five and six inch seamless eavestroughs to meet both residential and commercial requirements.  Properly installed gutters play an important role in catching the water that comes off your roof and divert it away from entrances and more importantly the buildings foundation.


Customize your home with many colour options to compliment your home or place of business.


We use reinforced hidden hangers that add strength and provide a seamless uninterrupted look and finish.


Gu​tter Guard



Whether installing with your new gutters or into your existing ones,  keep the leaves and snow out of your eavestroughs and eliminate periodic up keep with alu-rex gutter guards.  


They will help support the weight of snow, ice and ladders while eliminating the risk of warping due to freezing and thawing.  

Strong winds?  Bring it on!  The t-rex continuous hanger system (new installation only) is the strongest on the market. 

We also do...

Although we specialize in seamless eavestroughs and downspouts, we also can complete many other tasks including installation of:


Fascia Boards                      Metal Cladding

Soffits                                    Siding

Roofing                                 Carpentry & More


Need Landscaping services?  We do that too!


Garden Beds                       Back-Hoe Services

Mulch                                    Top Soil & Sod

Lawn Aeration                    Pre-Cast Sono Tubes

Seeding                               Driveway Gravel

Drainage Solutions            Power Washing

                       ...and much more!



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